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[Music] Jett I Masstyr – Vacation On Tatooine November 12, 2009

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Up and coming producer out of Houston, Jett I Masstyr, presents his FREE instrumental album you would be mc’s out there your listening pleasure. Jett is currently working with Hollywood Floss on his “House of Dreams” project and has worked with John Dew on the “Summertime Johnny” EP. I’m combing through the album right now, and the beats are definitely ILL. Tracklist after the jump!

Download: Jett I Masstyr- Vacation On Tatooine



1. hw floss - November 12, 2009

welcome to the darkside

great structure and sounds on this beat tape

-hollywood floss

2. THE BLACK ROSE - November 21, 2009

Got my copy ahead of everyone else. Felt like peeking under the tree before Christmas. Nice tracks. “THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE”

3. jettimasstyr - January 5, 2010

dope. ness. thats. all.
oh my bad, thanks for the post!

4. Crystle - November 27, 2010

Hi all!!!! Happy Thanksgiving! .! 🙂 🙂
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Are You Far better Off Today Than You Were four Years Ago?

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