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[Video] 50 Cent Plays “Who’s Triple C’s?” October 28, 2009

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50 asks callers if they know the names of the members of Triple C’s all while proclaiming the groups debut album will flop. Triple C’s album in stores, and 50’s album drops November 23rd. 

Can you name all of them?



1. Blackalina - November 12, 2009

Hi Community,

Still your Girl from North north baby, from Real city (MTL) 514

Why would someone choose to work in a prison, as a Correctional Officer?
1. Because I wished to be a Police, but I was too dumm at learning how to f*** Up hustlers business. (OR)
2. Because I needed a Job like everybody else, but I’m a REAL coward suffering of DEEP Inferiority syndrom, means; by beeing a C.O. I will confront “face to face” REAL gangsters, but those “Monkeys” will never be able to respond back to me; I’m the Boss here…

[My Guess is No. 2]

Look, would you choose to work OR would you see yourself as a C.O….
Your answer is NO; Now ask yourself WHY?

*Would you be a C.O’s fan, would you?

Why this fake “ganster, rapper”; call himself BOSS….
His EGO is so Big, that he is recognize Globaly as a Liar.
William Leonard Roberts is a Mythomaniac, he is the biggest fraud that we’ve seen thus far…

While beeing a C.O.: (A pain in the ass, for convicts).
He took a Still alive convict Name, took the Style, covered himself of Tatoos like convicts….You know, beeing a fake gangsta…
But no doubt he was a State Officer.

On the TOP of all, he also add “Notorious” came to his dream & bla bla bla; Dreamer PLEEEAAASE!…
Rick Ross has no conscious, his TYPE of Lyrics is fine, but his Music has no BASE, only lies created by his “personality disorders” syndrom.
Notorious Big has a REAL story behind his Success, Tupac has a REAL story behind his Success, 50 Cent has a REAL story behind his Success; And many more, but not Officer Ricky…

Rap is all about Respect, and Rick Ross is living the life of someone he never was & never existed..
*Who’s dumb now, Him or the Fans?:
The answer is, BOTH…

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