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[Videos] Clipse Discuss Cam’ron on ‘Popeye’s’ x BTS Footage October 21, 2009

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

…still waiting on the actual track.

Malice and Pusha T finally linked up with Killa Cam. The Clipse and Cam’ron are set to shoot the video for their collaboration “Back by Popular Demand (Popeye’s)” on Wednesday (October 21). Pusha says the video will be real “guerilla and renegade” and not shot in New York (though we suspect otherwise).

“The whole idea for the whole record came about because at the time the Clipse were real heavy on the blogs,” Push explained, sitting next to his big bro in the New York showroom of their clothing line, Play Cloths, on Tuesday. “Cam’s comeback was real heavy. We were both about to drop albums. We’re like, ‘Yo, we need to make one of them New York records — real lyrical, like, a fan record.’ We both have two really strong cult followings. From that conversation, Pharrell went into the studio and start playing with the drums and [came up with] ‘Popular Demand.’ Once the title came up, it was over. Pharrell got in full Cam mode.”….
“We’d been fans of Cam for a minute,” Push added. “Actually, we wanted him to get on the ‘Grinding’ remix. And he didn’t do that.”

“He dissed us,” Malice inserted with a laugh.

“Yeah, he dissed us on that one,” Pusha went on, grinning. “He was like, ‘Nah.’ ”

But the brothers were determined to get a Killa verse for this new record, the next single from the Clipse’s December 8 release, Till the Casket Drops.


Hit the jump for Karen Civil’s behind the scenes footage from today’s shoot.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After numerous tweets from me touting the magnitude of this record, the time to put up or shut up is now. Somewhat. Malice and Pusha call in a favor from their Harlem’s connect, you know him as Cam’ron, for their upcoming album, Till The Casket Drops dropping December 8th 2009.

While this is only a snippet, truthfully, this record, “Popeyes”, has been done for months and was originally entitled, “Back Back Popular Demand.”

“I think Killa is about to really, really show off,” Pusha T said. “When you hear the Clipse and Killa, it’s gonna be an amazing thing. Definitely!

“It’s entitled ‘Back by Popular Demand,’ ” he continued. “I think the title explains a lot. Cam has been away from the scene. The want for the Clipse is high. It’s just, like, ‘Back by Popular Demand’ is fitting.”

Different title. Same song. Same outcome. Regardless, anytime you can get these three artists on one track, the demand is always going to be high. Straight from the streets of Brooklyn today, ‘Obama’s Fried Chicken’ was where one of the most anticapated videos was shot. You’re Welcome



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