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[Video] Nipsey Hustle – Bullets Ain’t Got No Names, Vol. 3 October 19, 2009

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Real Spit: Nipsey is right at home on 10th Avenue (not too far from Crenshaw), shooting his segment for Mixtape Daily. This is where he grew up and the place he won’t turn his back on.”I ain’t really left yet,” he said of the area. “I live somewhere else, but outta habit, outta convenience, how my foundation was structured, I’m still over here. My loved ones are still over here. I feel like when I do come back [to the neighborhood], I bring opportunity.

I’m not ballin’ out of control, but I bring opportunity back. Not just ’cause it’s cliché, but because I got loved ones that got potential to do other things than be in the street.”Nip has used the streets as a pathway to greater things.”It’s kinda like the final chapter in my issuing music to the streets, music that I specially tailor-made to give away to my fans and establish my sound of hip-hop,” he explained of the third and possibly final installment of his Bullets Ain’t Got No Names series.

“I kinda wanted to fill in the blanks of [parts] 1 and 2 and just do the records I felt I needed that I didn’t have yet on part 1 and 2. That’s how I came into the game and established my buzz and fanbase off of the mixtapes. I just wanted to say what I didn’t say on 1 and 2. Keeping consistent but showing growth, showing where I’m at; fresh off tour, about to drop the official album.” – MTV

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