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[Video] Kanye Interrupts Taylor Swift at the VMAs September 13, 2009

Posted by Romell in Comedy, Video.
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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Still being debated if it was staged or not. Regardless, I found it funny.  In other news, Shakira #shecangetit



1. Ta - September 13, 2009

Im not a Taylor Swift fan, nor did I think she should have won, but that was just ridiculous. Going up there and embarrassing her like that was just rude and distasteful. I love Beyonce, but if she was the best then she would have won and Im sorry but her single ladies video is not that great. Sure the dancing is awesome but thats all. No wonder I never cared for Kanye.

2. ced_S - September 13, 2009

i agree…

3. TheTim - September 13, 2009

I’m not buying this shit. Epitome of a publicity stunt

Now Beyonce has country fans and Taylor Swift has black fans, and kanYe is still going to do numbers.

MTV leaked winners was correct & of course they had to do damage control. ‘Ye wasn’t having it!

4. Carole - September 15, 2009

Fuckin’ nigger talk

5. Romell - September 15, 2009

Really Carole? That’s such a mature response. smh. That just proves that you’re no better them him if that’s the only type of response you can come up with. What exactly is “nigger” talk anyway Carole? While I know chances of you responding are minimal, I just needed to ask?

6. Carole - September 15, 2009

There are niggers in all races. Read a book sometimes

7. Romell - September 16, 2009

The good old “niggers in every race” shield huh? While I agree that there ARE “ignorant” people in every race, why did you have to call him a nigger? I’m sure you’re extensive reading library has afforded you a great number of words you could have chosen when we know that history has taught us what the word means when referencing a Black male. No need to argue though it’s behind us now. Thanks for visiting the site. I hope you like what you find here and come back in the future.

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