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[Interview] Pac Div w/ Honey Magazine September 12, 2009

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Just recently, Pac Div sat down with Honey Magazine and below you’ll find a little excerpt from the interview.  Click the pic above or the link below to take a look at the full interview.  If you haven’t done so already, make sure you check out Pac Div’s latest mixtape “Church League Champions“.  *Late Pass*

Honey: People still consider Pac Div new to the game. How does that feel?

Like: It’s all good. Most cases, we are new. We had an underground following, but now its being leaked to masses, which was what our plan was. Our plan was and is to start organically, resurface and build up to mainstream. We’re doing it real genuine. We aren’t conforming to a different sound. One thing about us, is if you go back to our records in 2006 and fast-forward to now, it’s been there. It’s been nothing but progress, no leaping to another sound. We’re not trying to make any music that is not us.


Honey: Define a groupie.

Mibbs: You’re supposed to love yourself though…

Like: No, not like that. Groupies are self-promoters. They’re trying to be next to the stars because they…just like.. oooh I was about to call somebody out. Like for a certain girl who is getting a lot of lime light right now, she doesn’t really do anything. She’s just a pretty girl, but what do you do? Are you a model? Which one are you? You know, they don’t really do anything. She’s just another pretty girl.




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