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[Interview] J. Cole Talks “A Star Is Born” September 11, 2009

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Via  MTV:

When the two MCs collaborated on that track, it was actually the first time Cole, 24, was in the studio with the celebrated superstar and his boss. He got the call that Hov was interested in him rhyming on the track, but Cole mistakenly thought Jay found a track for him; it wasn’t until a few days before that it was cleared up. By the time he got to the studio, knowing what he was heading there for, he had a few jitters about working with Jay, and then he looked up to see Beyoncé there. Talk about freshman hazing.

“[Jay-Z] was on the couch at first, right there,” Cole told Mixtape Daily about the experience. “It was the first time I was in the studio with Jay. And Beyoncé was there, to make it 10 times worse. Half my thoughts are trying to think of a verse, and then Jay-Z is there watching you write a verse. So I’m soaking it up.”

Recently, Cole has been in the studio with No ID, but he hopes to produce the majority of the album himself, he said. He just started working on his debut last week, making the transition from just hitting the studio to going there with a new purpose. He knows there’s a lot of expectations riding on the project, particularly because a lot of people will be scrutinizing him more due to the Jay-Z co-sign.

But if that’s the first impression people have, he’s fine with it — so long as the second impression he makes is that he was worthy of the deal. “I just want people to comment the talent, if that’s the second thing they comment on, then say, ‘Oh, the crazy-ass rapper that produces he own sh–,’ ” Cole said. “Until that overtakes the first thing, being, ‘Oh, is that the kid Jay-Z signed?’ I got to accept that until I change it.”



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