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[Beef] Nick Cannon Responds To Eminem’s “Bagpipes From Baghdad” May 8, 2009

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I’m taking full action on you Eminem. I don’t know why no one has stood up to your bitch ass yet. But I guess it’s going to take a corny, wack rapping, boy toy from Nickelodeon to set you straight. And trust, I am going to be relentless. Even though I got a lot of other obligations and occupations, you are my new full time job “homey”! As a matter of fact I think you going to bring my wack rhymes out of retirement! That’s right haters; you can thank Eminem because I’m going to start rapping again! LOL Just for him! And don’t forget about the jokes! We coming at you hard body!! Non-stop on your Manic-depressive-Insecure-Maclovin-Nazi- Liza Minelli haircut havin-lookin ass!! [Pause] That’s what I do all day Bitch!

Above is Mr. Carey’s RANT concerning Eminem’s long-running lyrical tirade against his mother wife, Mariah Carey. Though the whole Em-Mariah situation had been dormant for a minute, Marshall’s latest “Bagpipes From Baghdad” track off Em’s latest release, Relapse, refueled the whole situation in a big way. Take a listen for yourself.

Hit the jump for Nick Cannon’s COMPLETE E-THUGGERY.

Via Nick Cannon’s Blog

Well, well, well. Fresh off the plane with my wife from our second honeymoon on the beautiful secluded islands of the Maldives and what do I find in my email box? A mediocre (at best) Eminem record that sounds like it was written in 2001. At first I thought it was old material that had been dug up from when dude “fantasized” about having a pretend fling with Mariah. I was thinking to myself, “Hey that was before me so it is really none of my business, so I’m going to give him a pass.”

So as I continued to semi enjoy Marshall’s rhyme scheme and flow, I mean let’s be honest dude used to be incredible. He was a witty lyrist with dope delivery and timing. Some even say, one of the best to ever do it. I had nothing but respect for this dude. But all of a sudden I hear my name in the verse! My first reaction was like, “This is his new shit??? Wow, that’s too bad…” Then I felt sorry for him because he must really be stuck in the past. Not only has his music not evolved, but also homeboy is still obsessed with my wife, the same female that wouldn’t let him get to second base from 8 years ago! He even describes his desperate lameness in this bad excuse for storytelling track. That’s some real middle school shit right there! (What type of grown ass man lies about getting with a chick) Only Slim Lamey! LOL!

So as I further examine the track, I hear dude cross the line. He begins to call my wife out of her name! Now as y’all know, I don’t take that type of nonsense lightly. So on some grown man shit I’m instantly like, I got to get at this Lame. I know it’s only entertainment and I’m all for freedom of speech. But I’m from the school of thought where if you are tough enough to talk shit, you got to be tough enough to deal with the consequences that come with tough guy shit talking! Then the little angel on my shoulder said, “No Nicholas, there is no need to play into his negativity. He is just a troubled soul yearning for the lost spotlight. You must be Christ like and turn the other cheek”

But then the dude on the other shoulder said, “ What Nigga?! Is you scared?! You can’t let no man ever disrespect your wife! Especially not some Peroxide drenched homophobic has-been! This is like some Paquiao vs. Hatton shit! He is underestimating you with his ass out and you can drop him in the first round!”

Then, without listening to either one of the voices on my shoulders, I analyzed the situation from a logical perspective. Am I going to battle Eminem and try to out rap him? No, that would be stupid. The dude is nice on the mic. Even though nowadays he lacks substance, rapping about when he used to be hot. Like when Al Bundy gloats about his High school football prime.

Then I asked myself should I go find this Bitch and just whoop his little ass? But that might have just been the Creatine and protein shakes talking! LOL. Even though most people don’t know that I’m nice in the ring and have been training in boxing and Martial Arts for years that would just be childish and silly of me to bully this dude. He clearly has been picked on all his life and I would hate to add to his deep-rooted pain. As we all know he has had a hard life and has major insecurity issues and is very confused and unhappy with himself. So a guy like that doesn’t really need another ass whoopin, he needs a hug. We should really pray for his troubled heart.

So just when the good guy in me is about to emerge and shine through, something hits me… Something bigger than rap beefs, something bigger than jealousy infused insults, something bigger than lackluster attention seeking punchlines, something bigger than artistic expression. I realized, that this so-called man has just disrespected and slanderized one of the world’s most significantly influential artists, one of the most notable BLACK females of our time, the incredibly cherished, globally loved and world-embraced woman of color, Mariah Carey!

Some people may not realize or tend to forget that my wife is a Black woman. And she has had enough difficulty in her life dealing with racial and ethnicity issues. Believe it or not, Mariah is the same racial mixture as our beloved president Barack Obama. [Black Father + White Mother= BLACK]

Maybe I’m going too far, but I thought we got passed the days where white men could spew vulgar obscenities at our beautiful queens and get away with it. What’s next? Are we going to let this trash say something horrible about our lovely first lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama? Or would Marshall have talked sideways out of his neck like this about Oprah Winfrey? This act of racist bigotry cannot go unnoticed. Calling my wife a “cunt” and a “whore” is way worse than anything Don Imus could have ever said. So trust, repercussions will be served. Anybody got Al Sharpton’s number?! LOL

Let’s not forget about Eminem’s amateur mixtape rants of calling African Americans Nigger and how he hates “Black Bitches”. How did we let him get away with that in the first place?! He is a natural born racist in disguise. Someone tell this coward that he finally barked up the wrong tree. For his entire career he strategically only tried to beef with people he could bully. I mean, what real man picks fights with women? Real MC’s battle other real MC’s. Ask Nas, ask Jay Z, you didn’t see them starting beefs with women! That is truly some punk shit!

So I’m putting this out there now. Marshall Mathers, you need to holler at me on some grown man shit. Man to man, let’s meet up and deal with this like adults. This is my invitation to you, whenever and wherever you like sir. So when you come out of your introverted hiding place and ask your bodyguards if you can go out and play by yourself, I’m here Pimp!

Your blatant disrespect not just to Black women but ALL women in general must stop. You are a despicable excuse for a man. I can’t even see how you can call yourself a father! Imagine if someone said half the stuff you say about women to your daughter, Hayley. (And I’m pretty sure they will because you got it coming Marshall.) That’s how Karma works.

You sold your little records and made a little bit of change but now you are stepping in the wrong territory. You may have been able to rape and pillage our artform like an old school Caucasian con man and nobody said anything because we respected your talent, but now you’ve made the ultimate mistake. Don’t you know that the black woman is the foundation and the strongest force in our culture? Take notes homey, Elvis would have never disrespected Aretha Franklin or Diana Ross. You were supposed to just do your little song and dance, make your little racist money and call it a day. But no, you had to dishonor the black man’s most precious counterpart.

I’m taking full action on you Eminem. I don’t know why no one has stood up to your bitch ass yet. But I guess it’s going to take a corny, wack rapping, boy toy from Nickelodeon to set you straight. And trust, I am going to be relentless. Even though I got a lot of other obligations and occupations, you are my new full time job “homey”! As a matter of fact I think you going to bring my wack rhymes out of retirement! That’s right haters; you can thank Eminem because I’m going to start rapping again! LOL Just for him! And don’t forget about the jokes! We coming at you hard body!! Non-stop on your Manic-depressive-Insecure-Maclovin-Nazi- Liza Minelli haircut havin-lookin ass!! [Pause] That’s what I do all day Bitch!

So Miss Marshall, I’m going to make you wish you never spoke my name and regret the ungodly things you said about my wife. This is going to be fun! It’s however you want it! Just remember, you did this to yourself! Your legacy has now been tainted from this day forth! You will now be known as the rapper who lost to Corny-ass Nick Cannon!!!



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2. gettin money momma - May 11, 2009

nick its understandable that your mad but dont stoop to this dudes level thats what he wants you to do. just enjoy your life with your beautiful wife and dont feed into the negative situations out there if you spend all your time being mad at all the idiots out there you wont be able to enjoy your life too the fullest.

3. Jane - May 12, 2009

omg…come on dude, don’t pull the racist card. Ur gonna bring up Obama? Come on! He talked down on white women, some who r in gov positions. So come on, u knew ur old hag had some miles on her. Chill the f out!

4. EmY - May 12, 2009

Cannon talking bout has beens! That’s a joke. He needs to go back to his kid shows. Em hit it. end o story

5. jt56 - May 12, 2009

old and looooose cunt= Ms. Cannon

6. Tyru$ - May 12, 2009

dats a real racist guy, u know, hanging out wit D12, Dr. Dre, 50, all those white folks he surrounds himself wit. How has no one caught this?????

7. Romell - May 12, 2009

LMAO Tyru$ exactly, but then again I can see why he believes he has to defend his wife. Just not a wise choice.

8. TheTim - May 12, 2009

funny cuz Mariah just started claiming her black side

9. jop - May 12, 2009

RIP Nick Cannon

10. jacky hack jack - May 12, 2009

what a total DUMBASS!
y would u even try to take on EM….
Ol’ girl Mirah has had many men…one just happens to to joke bout it, nothing racist bout it.
kinduve a stretch cannon

11. Cannon Who? - May 12, 2009

Cannon needs publicity, poor guy hasn’t done shit worth mentioning. He tries to talk down on EMIN3M, but at least EM made hits, made history, the mans an icon. a lot more people recognize the dude than just Nick (And by Nick I mean nickalodeon) fans who prolly already forgot bout Cannon.

12. WTF - May 12, 2009

STFU n just get to getting the most outta ur sugar momma

13. Who cares - May 13, 2009

black father+white mother= white woman, you always go by your mothers race because you never know who your mom stepped out with….take it from a Labor and Delivery nurse that does this everyday….Yes even our president may look black but he is technically listed as white!!! So get over yourself and get back to Nick Jr

14. PHILLY'S BEST - May 13, 2009


15. jd! - May 13, 2009

His best friend “Proof” was black.
His producer and label mate “Dr. Dre” is black.
The only collaboration other than his producer on his album “50 Cent” is black.
His group straight from his teenage days “D12” is all black guys.

How is he a racist? Does Nick Cannon know the definition of racist?
..anyways everyone can understand where Cannon’s coming from but why say Em’s looking for attention when he just publically bashed him?

16. KEVIN - May 13, 2009


17. sabrina - May 13, 2009

nick cannon needs to get a life and lighten up a little, geeez, its eminem, no one is safe!

18. N3$$i3 - May 14, 2009

uhh He hung out with Dre,50, and some other black peepl. But Nick i understand where you’re coming from! but bagpipes from bagdad whatever the stupid lame ass song is called, the lyrics are disrespectful…n i kno tht em can rap…but white men weren’t made to rap! no offense to ya’ll cuz he can rap and how is he racist????

19. N3$$i3 - May 14, 2009

philly’s best,
up your ass! Fool like you can rap! stupid little boy! bitch go back to that stupid little dunpster you were born in fat ass!

20. BUCKETDICK - May 14, 2009


21. RIP Nick Cannon October 1980- May 2009 - May 14, 2009

nick cannon you were fucked the day you married her you knew shes been passed around, and shady is just being himself. you have no chance against em, you might as well start diggin now dumbass

22. Nick's a BITCH - May 14, 2009

Cannon, you need to write your own dumbass dictionary so we all can understand what this, “grown man shit is”. “LOL!” You fag, you talk like a 12 year old girl and who tries to talk shit by saying you take creatine and can do martial arts. You touch Em he’d have 7 body guards drop your ass instantly. You want to get back at him then make your own song… or maybe you’ll have better luck sticking “fuck eminem” somewhere in the spongebob theme. RIP Nick Cannon.

23. Suck on me NE$$IE - May 15, 2009

Nick is a fag NE$$IE EAT A DICK ….

24. Top Posts « WordPress.com - May 15, 2009

[…] [Beef] Nick Cannon Responds To Eminem’s “Bagpipes From Baghdad” I’m taking full action on you Eminem. I don’t know why no one has stood up to your bitch ass yet. But I guess […] […]

25. Jay - May 15, 2009

We live in a world today where we support a black president. A black president that required a hell of alot of white votes to get him there. Especially considering there are alot more registered white voters in our country then any other race (more then double)…. Which leads me to believe there is alot less racism from white to black, then there is the other way around. I wish just once I would hear a white dude play the race card and someone give a damn. Or hear a jewish man play his religion card. But we won’t. As a culture, we create this prison for ourselves. We sound like idiots everytime we scream that the white man is holding us down. Seriously, listen to almost any other “black” rap artist and listen to some of the comments they make toward white people. Or any comedy act. It’s funny to hear a black man make fun of a white person’s dancing, or country slang. It’s racist to make fun of a black man’s slang.

Point being, Nick Cannon had a direction with this at first. He was upset about what another person said about his wife and he began to take up for her. Then he played the race card against someone that appears to have almost no white friends outside his family that he seems to hate for the most part. It just doesn’t make sense. The only thing Nick Cannon did here, was helped Eminem sell records. So congrats man, not only did you make yourself sound like an idiot, but you also just sold albums for the man who publically humiliated your wife.


26. NE$$IE - May 16, 2009



and i so suck dick cuz im fucking stupid and like talking out of my ass

27. Me - May 20, 2009

This shit was so stupid I had to comment. To the Labor and deliver chick, SHUT THE FUCK UP, you are what your father is by USHD standards. Obama’s not white, he’s listed as black and his mother’s white, My father’s black and my mother’s Native American but my birth certificate says black, riddle me that? Stop lying about your job and do research. Fuck Eminem, it’s the principle no matter who the fuck ur wife’s been with prior. Would you dude’s let another man talk grimey about your Mrs. and let it slide. Nah, if you’re a man, you’re gonna confront him. Celebrities aren’t special, they’re people too, get a life dammit.

28. Romell - May 20, 2009

This shit was so stupid I had to comment. To the Labor and deliver chick, SHUT THE FUCK UP, you are what your father is by USHD standards. Obama’s not white, he’s listed as black and his mother’s white, My father’s black and my mother’s Native American but my birth certificate says black, riddle me that? Stop lying about your job and do research. Fuck Eminem, it’s the principle no matter who the fuck ur wife’s been with prior. Would you dude’s let another man talk grimey about your Mrs. and let it slide. Nah, if you’re a man, you’re gonna confront him. Celebrities aren’t special, they’re people too, get a life dammit.


Now that’s what you call a closer. *applauds*

29. Category: Idiots who think they can step to Marshall - May 21, 2009

Of course hes gonna confront Em and defend his wife, but what he did was more than that. He attacked Eminem which as you can see from past events, is one of the dumbest things you can do. “I’m going to make you wish you never spoke my name and regret the ungodly things you said about my wife”. Things like this and physical threats comin from Cannon? Good luck to him, hes gonna need it if he pursues.

30. emmanuel - May 24, 2009



FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

31. MissBlissATL - June 1, 2009

I couldn’t help but to comment on this career suicide post Nick Cannon put up….Yeah Em disrespected your wife, but who hasn’t Em disrespected. That boy grew up in Detroit, and Nick I simply wouldn’t advise this sort of recourse just because ur mad he said something about Mariah. Laugh like we did (I mean ur whole back is pretty much tatted with her name, while she got a punk-ass butterfly where u can’t even see your name), cause Em is not the one. Let it go Nick, just let it go…This can’t possibly work out in your favor. Not even gonna touch the “racist” allegations.

32. Adz - June 2, 2009

“But then the dude on the other shoulder said, “ What Nigga?! Is you scared?!”

Maybe not, but you *is* illiterate.

33. Nick Cannon - June 5, 2009

Im Nick Cannon 🙂
Eminem is rasist…
Our Survey Says? EHHH EHHHH!
Okayyy well ummm Eminem is a punk?
Our Survey Says? EHHH EHHHH!
Umm… Errr… Im A Bitch And I Need To Get My Head Out Of My Arse?
Our Survey Says? DING DING!

(Grave duggen not included)

34. JAH ZILLA - June 19, 2009

All of that shit is funny to me. Nick & Em should do a pay per view event and box ten rounds. Better yet, a iron cage match and beat the shit out of one another. Ms Carey can sing the National Anthem and Kim can hold up the round cards. Donate the proceeds to homeless families. That shit aint beef.. Yall can’t be serious.

35. the riveras - July 18, 2009

nick u aint got a chaNCE he will jus chew u up an verbly spit u out again. u want kickd in da junk dont u.

36. Freaky slim - July 29, 2009

Nick if yu dnt kum out with nothin I think dat ppl gonna look at yu like damnnn how yu let dat slide…but I’m on ur side kause I fucks wit yu n yur wife true story just do yur thing

37. typicallyrandom - August 2, 2009

okay honestly, some things need to be cleared up here..

Eminem didn’t just randomly attack Mariah. Apparently, there was something between them awhile back and Em jokingly brought it up in one of his earlier songs (Superman). In response, Mariah made Clown, dissing Eminem. Em then responded to that in Bagpipes from Bagdad, but he wasnt really going hard on her. However, Mariah released Obsessed, claiming that Shady was delusional and nothing ever went down between them. Thus came The Warning, an epic diss from Em, completely smashing MC, while reminding her that he has proof of their relationship and would release it if she continues.

Nick Cannon needs to shut up….. First off, to compare a woman who slept her way up to the top to the First Lady is downright degrading. Then to play the race card? Thats really stupid. Most people don’t even consider Mariah black, besides, Em never said anything about the fact that she’s black on any of his tracks.

It was stupid of Nick to step to Em….and Shady’s reaction is going to be hilarious

38. Maria's my angel! - August 8, 2009

Are you kidding? Mariah is such an angel! she’s never slept with anyone. The Holy Spirit himself came down and blessed her with that child, just like the Virgin Mary. And I’m sure her child will be the Christ the jews are waiting for. It’ll bring the world peace and harmony and Em won’t need to rap anymore! heh heh… just kidding… retards. LOL!

39. Mike Hunt - August 11, 2009

nik cannon, eminem would fuck ur bitchass up! On the mic and in the ring pussy.

40. Mike Hunt - August 11, 2009

nicks married? i thot he was a “gigalo”. hahahaah FAGGIT

41. Mike Hunt - August 11, 2009

he probly sucked off R Kelly before they made that video too.

42. fuck nick - August 19, 2009

u know wat nick fuckin bitch me and em have so much in common and how the fuck is he racist all u fuckin black people who pull out that r the racist bitch im half black and im saying obamas a racist and mariah careys ugly and marshall probably hit that pussy better than u ever did haha rap 4 him please u might kill eminem making him laugh hard u fuckin suck die nick cannon i hate u ul never be like eminem and ur sloppy seconds eminem fucked mariah up and down now u want it haha bitch dont u ever disrespect the best raper ever again or ill fight u myslef cunt bitch I WANT TO KICK U IN UR SACK A JUNK HAHA GO MARSHALL BRUCE MATHERS III

43. Me - August 26, 2009

You’re all stupid.

44. MelDre - August 27, 2009

Fuck em, he cnt continuosly disrespect mariah and expect nobody to stand up to him, em is a dope rapper we all knw that, but his lyrics are going from good to bad, i mean like realy, we been hearing about that mariah shit since eminems show, if em aint got any new material he should consider a career in pornography or some shit like that. Ey nick cannon, i got your back homey, big up!

45. The Man - August 30, 2009

Lmfao! both of them need to grow up…Eminem got dissed most men take it like this,Nick steps up with “ima kick your ass for being racist”??lol just tell the white boy my wife dont want you back off,if he dont then use your “boxing and Martial Arts” but dont Threaten him,You may get your ass kicked right back Nick…

46. The Man - August 30, 2009

lmfao sorry what a dumbass

47. eklypze - September 8, 2009

1. eminem isnt speaking of any type of racism, obviously because he’d get sued from all different angles since 98% of rap, besides paul wall,eminem,asher roth and the other white rappers, is african american or black.
2. how are any of you sticking up for either of them when none of them are even gonna read nor reply to this post. you dont know if eminem is racist and you dont know if nick cannon wants a whore as a wife. the life of celebrities is like sex behind closed doors you cant tell the position it just sounds hot.
3. nick cannon is 100% gay who spent half his career on a kid networking program and on a comedy show where uhm ? it wasnt even funny (except katt williams). and who hosts americas got talent when the host doesnt have talent. eminem would of been way better in his place since its eminem. like who doesnt wana seem eminem host any show?
4. mariah carey doesnt even look good anymore ever since all the other female artists came out. shes getting played out and obsessed used autotune so u can tell shes losing her true voice.
5. nicks gay eminem is gonna be victorious in this little clash of embarassments.
ps. eminem most likely fucked mariah carey and nick cannon has perfect reason to be fired up in the situation because i distinctly remember mariah carey getting with money makers so shes considered a gold digger, and nick cannon is never in paparazzi so he spit his game harder than ever to get his name up here and there again so i dont blame for nick to be tight but … still its eminem … you let him do what he gotta do or youll be another benzino or ja-rule and then you rele think mariah will stay with you? lmaoooooo no money no mariah

48. Slickstah - September 26, 2009

Everyone heard Em mix tape about black women dont act like you didn’t and if he dont like balck women then how in the fuck is he gonna like our off springs THE BLACK MAN. You motherfuckers go to work everyday and fake like you like them motherfuckers just for a paycheck. What makes you think Em aint doing the same thing with Dre and 50??? Em is washed up his shit aint as tight as it used to be so stop acting like it is. To many drugs if you ask me. Putting out any type of music cause he know yall dumb ass gonna buy it just like most artist do after they have made a little money. For the jackass talking about who is Nick Cannon, act like you don’t watch that man on WIldnout. That is his show. Bottom line his wife got disrected and he came to her defense just like I hope any REAL man would do obviously not any of the men who typed these bullshit messages though. Man up bitches thats what you were born for. No women wants a man who cant protect them or at least defend them. Maybe yall should start fucking with other men maybe they wont mind yall being bitches.

49. jay sancrant - October 8, 2009

Nick cannon is gay. And Mariah carey is a whore and a cunt. you gonna try fighting me too dumbass.

50. anon - October 10, 2009

Lyrics from Eminem’s racist “Foolish Pride” mixtape:

“Blacks and whites they sometimes mix. But Black girls only want your money cause they’re dumb chicks. So I’ma say like this, don’t date a Black girl, take it as a diss If you want, but if you don’t I’ma tell you like this, I surely won’t. Never date a Black girl because Blacks only want your money. And that shit aint funny. So I’ma say look honey
Why do you do this? You know, you step up to me like you a Brutus
Then you try to grab my spinach because its green and that’s cash.
So get outta here, ’cause I don’t need your ass I said that before, but that’s okay because like I said you’re a whore. Black girls and white girls just don’t mix. Because Black girls are dumb and white girls are good chicks. White girls are good ; I like white girls, I like white girls all over the world. White girls are fine and they blow my mind and that’s why I’m here now telling you this rhyme. ‘Cause Black girls, I really don’t like we don’t mix, it’s like riding a bike when you’re peddling hard, uphill both ways you know it’s kinda hard and that’s why I say to you. I’m giving you a little advice. Don’t date a Black girl, if you do it once you won’t do it twice. You won’t ever do it again because they’ll take your money. And that aint funny. So I’ma say look honey. I thought I said that before. But like I said again you’re nothing but a big whore. So when mike catch on the bass line that’s okay ‘cause we will not just waste time. I’ll get straight to the point
Black girls are bitches, that’s why I’ma tell ya you better pull up your britches. ‘Cause all that cash is making your ass drag from the boyfriend ya ganked and that’s pretty bad. I mean that’s pretty sad when ya dating a Black guy. And then you turn around and fuck another big, Black guy. Now that’s pretty wrong, but you’re just ganking. But that’s okay because you need a goddamn spanking
From me, the funky Eminem.”

He then goes on to say

“So I’ma bust another rhyme about this Black girl. She turned out to be a fuckin’ wack girl. A wack girl, because Black girls ain’t funny
All they want is your godamn money. They take you for everything you got and then you stand with a bunch of snot in your hand.”

Now this was reported in Source magazine, you can also google “foolish pride” which is the name of the mixtape and it is also on youtube. this is why i consider eminem a racist and lost respect for him looog ago. he’s not the first white artist to pimp out the black community, using our music to get ahead. truth be told eminem is wack, if he were black he wouldn’t be famous but he’s a white man that can somewhat spit a rhyme. its like when a white person does something black people do they are exalted. look what they did with wack ass vanilla ice before he embarrassed them. please, there are young black rappers on myspace spit FIRE and put eminem to shame but he’s the great white hope. just like wack vanilla ice and wack paul wall who btw can’t even spit a freestyle. eminem is racist indeed but he’s marketable and all of the black rappers you all mention who worked with em, the only color they see or care about is GREEN!

51. your mom - October 25, 2009

em would fuck nick cannon up. it just wouldn’t be fair. nick has never had any good lines an he never will. he shouldn’t even try to start beef with em. he got mad sloppy seconds to him an hes gonna try an get big? em grew up as a white boy surrounded by black kids everywhere i’m pretty sure he learned to fight somewhere down the road. just remember that em is the illest rapper ever an if you want beef he will end your career like he did to everyone else. FUCK NICK CANNON!

52. Girl Tee - December 11, 2009

First of all Nick, don’t try to make this racial by bringing our Black Queens into this. You can’t outrap this man so you are trying to get people against him by playing the race card. Fight your own fights! Secondly, your sl#t of a wife won’t even admit that she is Black! Your past is not full of black women either, so what is all this crap! How dare you bring God into your mess! Either try to out-rap this, as you say, has-been (who will mess you up in a rap battle TODAY even though he has been gone awhile), or STFU and go play fetch for your wife because no-one believes for a minute you have anything else to do but be a good lapdog and carry her purse, CORNY A$$!! Hey, maybe mariah can buy you a rap contract! Look, Where theres smoke there is fire, and maybe there is some truth to what the man is trying to tell you about your wh#re of a wife.

53. Slim wadee - December 27, 2009

Once a Whore always a whore eminems my nigga thats rite i said my nigga. u say his a racist bt. its funny im a nigga nd never got offended in 1 of his tracks

54. ms - February 4, 2010

nick cannon u prick, i wish u luck with the fat horse headed whore. R.I.P bitch

55. kaddy - March 13, 2010

Bagpipes from Baghdad is not racist… wtf?
Nick Cannon, your a dickweed crying wolf

56. steg - April 4, 2010

lol canon thinks he could beat shady well knowing he aint said nutin about the warning slim`s gon 2 murder this punk ass bitch !!

57. Nick Cannon vs Eminem « r3dxt - April 25, 2010

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58. EMINEM'S BIGGEST FAN-91 - June 2, 2010



59. EMINEM IS THE F****** S*** - June 29, 2010

Cannon you are an ass hole em doesnt even deserve to look at you. your wife is a slut and has did it with more than eminem. your prob just jelous cus u havent gotten ANY FROM YOU LOOSE ASS BITCH! eminem is the shit and has actually made a living (being on nickaloden doesnt harldy count) cannnon you need to read what racist says in the dictionary. because if anybody ISNT racist it enimem. eminem has got it all and your just a little jelouse home that is all pissy cus em fucked you wife first sso cannon you need a life and leave em alone.

60. Savannah. - July 14, 2010

eminem needs to realize that mariah carey & him are nothing anymore, like nick said. that was 8 years ago, & that’s immature for eminem to be saying all that shit. nick cannon is making a huge point. & he’s my idol. & for all you little scared people, talking shit about nick, should get a life. cos if you look at his point of view, everything makes sense. even if you are a huge eminem fan, you should acknowledge nick. and calling mariah a cunt, whore, etc. isn’t appropriate at all. just because your upset at the fact that she dosen’t like you anymore, dosen’t give you any rights to be saying all of that. you would not want anyone saying that stuff to hayley, so i think you better watch out for karma eminem. like nick said. thank you. 🙂

61. Noname - August 2, 2010

lmao eminem will beat him up and keep making them good raps shit nick u got nothing but money

62. She Red On♥ ' - August 20, 2010

-Ahahahaha.What loser.First off;Nick is,and always will be the Worst……Rapper?Actor?Does anyone know what the fuck this nigga is??Anyway,Eminem is so NOT racist,He says shit he says cause he CAN.Infact,if he did say anything referring to blacks thats NOT ‘African American’,iWouldnt even care!Why,Because thats just the type of person Marshal Mathars is ;DD iDont know the nigga and iAlready have respect for him.Why?Because hes just is the best,and always will be.And,Lets not forget how HOTT he is.iMean,C’mon,??

63. She Red On♥ ' - August 20, 2010

-Hhahaha,&&Savannah,is that it?,Savannah?,Anyywhoo;In case you havent noticed,That couple is STILL trash,so smile to that,Hun.&No one cares about that Frankenstein Headed Hoe.

64. Elocin - September 21, 2010

Um did he just compare Mariah Carey to Michelle Obama………..?

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